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Side Effects


For all you users of PeerGuardian 2 RC1 for Vista that have had problems with the disappearing UI, I think Service Pack 1 has fixed it. I’ll need to play around with it a bit more to confirm it, but that’s the only thing I can figure out as to why it now works.


Service Packed, Part II


Just a reminder, JAPAN NIGHT is at 5:00 today in the Flame Room at McNutt and there is free sushi and pizza. Hopefully I’ll be able to get some decent pictures/video and get some new media posted for all of you.

Vista Service Pack 1 is now on Koi and everything seems to be working just fine and dandy. Speaking of Koi, its birthday is coming up. If you see it around, wish it a happy birthday.

I ushered the One Night of Queen show at the auditorium the other night. I wasn’t really sure how a tribute band would do, but I was pretty impressed. Gary Mullen does an incredibly convincing Freddy Mercury. As an added bonus, I stuck around after after the show and got an autograph.

Also, I was on xkcd the other day and found a new blog to watch. Indexed by Jessica Hagy is posted every weekday in the form of an index card with an interesting venn diagram. Check it out here or find it in the Links page.