Super Update Extravaganza!

The Robert Sapolsky lecture was a great. I went for extra credit and I’ll gladly go back again even if there isn’t a bonus involved. Click here to see some YouTube videos of Dr. Sapolsky.

So far 333 t-shirts have been sold. I’m pretty sure that the sale is now over, but if you would still like to make a donation, email me for the details. If you have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about, click here.

IDS ran this story on the Collins Assassins Guild on Friday, reminding me (not that I had forgotten) that there are some REALLY dumb people out there (and it’s not the guild members). I’m afraid that if I ever see an IUPD officer wasting their time by going after a guild member with a Nerf gun, I will most likely spit out my teeth. Chill, people.

On the topic of stupid, "The Colbert Report" ran this interesting segment on how graffitti will leads to our decline.

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More stupid: It turns out the Prez can dance!

Finally, goodbye, Gary Gygax. Colbert said it best when he said "we will miss you 20." Enjoy xkcd’s take on the situation as well.


Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some Smash Brothers to play. I’ll have the new friend code up soon. Until then, watch Jonathan Coulton, Leo Laporte, Veronica Belmont, and Merlin Mann rock out to "Still Alive" on Rock Band.


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