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Going Green


High there, everyone. Sorry for the delayed update. Not a lot to say other than I got stuck in an elevator for the first time last Tuesday and got my green belt in Judo just a bit ago. Hopefully I’ll have a bit more time for an update later this week after the finals are over. Good luck, all.


Week Complete


It’s official: I have survived my first Little 5 Week. My oh my, what a week it’s been. General craziness aside (refer to last post). I once again learned that I don’t like to usher at Assembly Hall during the Dave Matthews/Tim Reynolds concert (btw, good concert with absolutely amazing peoplewatching). Bill Clinton was here on Wednesday, but I had to miss him because of class. Obama finally showed up on Friday. Feist was here on Friday, too, and I’m pretty I was more excited about that than going to watch Obama kiss babies and shake hands (so tired of campaigning and politics). At least he went to the Women’s Little 500.

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Feist had Hayden as and opener. I was almost positive I had heard him somewhere before, but couldn’t figure out where. Finally it hit me that his song "Dynamite Walls" (refer to his MySpace page for a listen) used to be included as a sample song in Windows Media Player. Kind of interesting how both artists from that night had musical connection to tech (Hayden with WMP and Feist with iPod Nano commercials). Feist was definitely the most visually impressive concert I’ve been to so far with all the lighting and shadow effects.

Saturday of course was the Men’s Little 500. Congrats to the Cutters for their 9th win. Congratulations to all the other teams for braving the cold. Pictures of all this and more are now up in my Picasa Web Album. *Note to the Cutters: Do NOT attack the bouncer at Nick’s. As your coach and one member found out, it does not end well.*

In pissed off Kurt news, AZN Television had to shut down on the 9th due to lack of sponsorship. Come on sponsors! Man up! We need good programming from our neighbors to the east.

Also, congratulations to Phoenix Labs on blocking their billionth IP.

Since Shawn has hooked me on Lego Star Wars, I thought I’d spread the Lego-y love with everyone. Enjoy Revenge of the Brick.