Historical Accuracy

Hooray for the 5 Buck Club: my method of sticking it to Kerasotes. I went to see 10,000 B.C. this afternoon (for 5 bucks!). It was a pretty good adventure story, but terribly inaccurate in its history. But who cares? I’m getting extra credit to write a little paper on the problems I saw.

On the Windows front, Bill Gates said yesterday that Windows 7 is ahead of schedule and could come out as early as next year. It’s a nice thought, but I’ll believe it when I see it. Read the blurb from CNET here.

I also found out yesterday that the brakes on my bike are shot. Tomorrow afternoon I’ll be sitting around fixing them. Never get a bike with plastic parts in the brake mechanism. Metal > plastic.

Dean Kamen (of Segway and FIRST fame) was on Colbert last week (or was it 2 weeks ago? memory fail…) showing off his cure for the world’s water problems. This sounds promising if he can manage to pull it off.

Finally, I got a chance to check and Vista SP1 has not yet solved the "disappearing GUI" problem with PeerGuardian. Keep chipping away Phoenix Labs crew! がんばって下さい!


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