Shift Into “R”

I keep putting off posts, so I guess I have some catching up to do now. Going backwards:

The new Red vs Blue series premiered. Watch it here. Before doing that, though, I highly recommend watching the Recovery One mini-series before watching Reconstruction. It should be available in the RvB previous episodes archive here.

My first gig as a roadie went well. I got a couple of videos and pictures of the band. Videos will be at the end of the post. Pictures are here.

On the subject of posting videos, dearest YouTube, why have you removed the progress bar on the video uploader? I’ve been checking this animated burst and have no idea how far along my video has uploaded. Please bring back the progress bar.

Tyler and Jamie came up for a visit on Saturday. I think they should transfer to here. How cool would that be?

Mom and I tried to go to Carb Day at the Speedway last Friday, but the rain deterred us. Fortunately, there was an Indy 500 memorabilia show going on over at the state fairgrounds. Pretty cool stuff, I must say. I think the oldest program/flyer I was able to find was from 1930.

It looks like the next version of Pokémon is officially going to be Platinum. Sounds like the features will be interesting as all of the "3rd version" games have been.

I say we close this up with a nice little story from Japan. Enjoy.

The Tennis Ball Cannon
Blue Screens cover "Interstate Love Song" by Stone Temple Pilots
Blue Screens cover "Immigrant Song" by Led Zepplin

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