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No, Really, It Isn’t a Lie


OLD NEWS: It seems the IE team still doesn’t have any hard feelings against the Firefox 3 team. They sent the FF3 crew another cake, this time in mouthwatering 3D! The story is here at Ars Technica. The FF2 cake from the IE team is also up and can be seen here.

OLD NEWS: Kotaku posted this story about McCain’s attempt at recruiting gamers. I guess it was an OK try, but I don’t think I’ll be installing it to my Facebook any time soon.

OLD NEWS: The birthday week was great. I’m still motoring about (and will continue until September). It’s nice to be able to get a full tank of gas for about $6 USD. (Wait, I drive a motorcycle. That shouldn’t be a bargain.)

Disney had a somewhat original idea and it didn’t even come from Pixar. Endgadget posted this story about how they will start using Nintendo DS as a tour guide app/line distraction for visitors. I’m looking forward to even more practical apps for my #1 handheld.

Blizzard announced Diablo III yesterday. I’m just a bit excited. <–understatement

Weird Al is going to be in Indy on Thursday. I’m just a bit excited about this as well. <–major understatement


The Cake is NOT a Lie


EDIT: Something happened to this post during the upload process, so all its information will be moved to a newer post. I’ll probably add more too it as I remember what I typed…