Feeding You

I have no idea how I forgot to mention this, but I’ve added a new page to the site. If you look to your left in the navigation pane, you’ll see the new "Shared Feeds" link. Basically, it’s just a page with the applet from Google Reader ( ❤ ) that shows my 10 most recently shared stories. I get a bit trigger happy with the "Share" button so, click on the "View More…" button at the bottom of the applet to see everything else I’ve shared.

Download Day seemed to be a huuuuuge success. The Spread Firefox site says that the final tally is above 8 million downloads for Download Day alone is is currently at over 16 million and counting overall. The record breaker status is currently being reviewed by the Guinness crew. The download map is still up and can be seen here.


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