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My Apologies…


Ho.Lee.Crap… Time has really gotten away from me. Once again, pardon the lack of updates. On the brighter side, hopefully you will start to see some new changes on the site (i.e. doing away with frames) to bring out of the 90’s (I know, even I think the site looks internet retro and not in a good way). Give it some time and it will come.

Also in the site news, my ClustrMap has been reset, but the old one has been archived. If you click here you can see a list of archived maps. Click on one of the dates to see the map from that time period.


A Quick and Belated Update


First, before I forget, happy belated Sysadmins’ Day!

Warped Tour was great. Once again got introduced to some bands I’d never heard of, but would like to hear more. All the pics are up right here.

OverClocked ReMix has a new collaboration project finished. Doom II: Delta-Q-Delta, a complete remix of Doom II: Hell on Earth’s soundtrack, is out now. Click here to download the torrent (we ❤ seeds) or click here to see the site.

I’m officially done with summer session II. Summer begins…now!