Beta Lolita

I downloaded the new beta of Windows Live Messenger and I’m pleased with all the redone visuals. The sounds will take some getting used to, but it’s a nice change of pace since the current soundset has been used for several years now. Final verdict: very nice. (Can you tell I’ve been playing Phoenix Wright again?)

I snagged the betas for Windows Live Movie Maker and Photo Gallery as well. I haven’t had much of a chance to mess with Photo Gallery yet since I mostly still use Picture Manager from Office to do simple photo edits. The stitch function really caught my eye, so hopefully this weekend I’ll be able to try it.

And then there’s Movie Maker Beta. I know it’s still a beta (I’m hoping it’s a VERY EARLY beta), but in its current state I really see no reason to use it. The timeline is gone! Microsoft, please DO NOT go the iMovie route and get rid of the timeline. Verdict: As for right now, pass on the beta and stick with the current full versions supplied with Vista and XP.

In other business, a friend of mine, Ellie Fye, has made it into the New York Times for her fashion sense. Jezebel picked up the article for for a decent writeup as well. Ellie’s email response to the articles and comments made it to the site as well. Good reads all around. Informatics%20Cafe%20Opening%20Day[1]

The Google Apps bus was here Monday, so I’m another free t-shirt richer. Pics are here.

Finally, the Informatics Cafe is open for business. And they take mealpoints. And I will be very caffeinated.


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