Like Pants, But For Your Torso is officially a TorsoPants TorsoPal! If you’ll look above, there’s a new banner that will take you to the TorsoPants site, but this is not a regular link. If you order any shirts from the page after clicking the link, gets a bit of the sale to help keep the site running. Buy several (like 4 or 5) at once because the money doesn’t come unless I cross a per month threshold. Also, if you’ll check the footer at the bottom of the page, I’ve placed a similar link that will allow you be become an affiliate of mine. It’s good for all of us. *w00t!*

In less important news, I finished Order of Ecclesia over the weekend, but unfortunately my data was corrupted and completely lost a few minutes ago… I haven’t been having much luck with DS games lately (I’m still trying to find my Pokemon Pearl Version that I lost in Evansville a couple of weeks ago). If anyone happens to find my Pearl ver., please, please, please drop me a line.


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