Finished for Now

I’m back and free of finals! I think everything is still intact. First off, happy holidays to all of you (unless you are a Jehova’s Witness, then, uh, good day to you).

How about some links? Random informations bits? Alrighty! I can handle that.

In celebration of me finally finishing Portal, here are some similarly themed LEGO creations:

It’s not LEGO, but here’s a cute Companion Cube to keep company.

I also recently finished Darwinia, but I don’t have any LEGO to go with that…

Robots, you say? We’ve got that, too! Everything from robots that find what is lost and clean the house and toilets, to frying burgers, to dancing, drunken hexapods.

If the Microsoft Surface too much of a big-arse table, why not try the TouchWall? Speaking of MS, the new Live Messenger is out of beta. Live Movie Maker beta had an update with it and I don’t hate it as much as I did, but I’m still not fond of it not having the timeline front and center.

I think that pretty much covers it for now. The redesign for the site is under way and I’m pleased with the look so far and will try to have it posted sometime soon-ish.


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