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More Findings


I found the solution to the handwriting problem. To keep the install size down, handwriting is excluded except for the language that used during installation. Fortunately, every other (supported) language is available in individual ISO files for download via Microsoft Connect, Softpedia, etc. DaemonTools doesn’t seem to work on Windows 7 just yet, but there is now a built in ISO burner built into the OS (finally!). Now if they would only add the ability to mount image files…

DivX 7 is also out now. I just got it installed, but haven’t had a chance to mess with much yet.

Not much else to report, but do check out the YouTube video below. This is by far the most creative use of video comments I’ve ever seen.


Lucky 7


Review time: GO! I have here on my grubby little hard drive(s) the public beta of Windows 7. I’m very happy with it so far and have had little trouble with it so far. Everything with the exception of the stuff that didn’t work well with Vista has worked. I’ve done a clean install on my work desktop (dual booting) and my laptop, both of them using the x64 version. I did an upgrade install on the laptop (Vista Ultimate x86 to Win7 x86) to begin with and learned a valuable lesson: if you have a 200GB hard drive that is 90% full and then do an upgrade install, this is a terrible idea. I’m not sure exactly how long the upgrade took, but I went to bed 4.5 hours into the process. I ended up wiping it and doing a clean install because of a couple of bugs I encountered. The bugs were remedied by the clean install. Now that I have the old tablet back, I’ll try a clean install of the x86 version and see what happens. I can’t wait to try World of Goo with a stylus.

Features-wise, everything that I would normally use seems to be here (excluding Movie Maker). The new taskbar has really grown on me and I don’t think I’ll reset it to the old style. Windows Media Player 12 looks really great, but I still can’t use it as my primary player because it doesn’t offer enough advanced tagging features. Windows Media Center, however, has won me over again. The menus seem really Zune-like (that’s a good thing, iPod fans). The only thing that seems to be gone so far is the handwriting recognition for Japanese.

I’ll continue to post more as I find more information.